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How do I delete plugins?

Applies to: Navigator and Communicator (all versions)
Operating Systems: Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT

Problem: "How do I delete plugins I don't need anymore?"

Solution: First check to see if the plugin has an uninstall program. In Windows 3.x, look for an uninstaller in the program group the plugin's installer created, if any. In Windows 95 and NT 4.0, look both in the Start Menu and in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. If the plugin has an uninstaller, you should always use it rather than the manual method described below.

If the plugin doesn't have an uninstaller, you will need to manually remove it. First, click Help | About Plugins, which will display a list of installed plugins. Locate the plugin you want to remove, then note the path to the plugin DLL's filename. An example entry might look like this:

My Old Plugin

File name: C:\Netscape\Navigator\Program\plugins\npoldplug32.dll

Netscape Navigator Plug-in for My Program

Take note of the path (C:\Netscape\Navigator\Program\plugins\npoldplug32.dll), then exit Netscape, open File Manager or Windows Explorer, and go to the plugin directory and either delete the DLL file (in this example npoldplug32.dll) or, if you merely wish to disable it, rename it to npoldplug32.old or similar. To re-enable it, rename it back to npoldplug32.dll.

When you restart Netscape, the plugin will no longer be active.

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